Signature Paint Correction Car $555  Trock/Suv $585 Large Suv $600


5 Year ceramic coating  Car +500 Truck+550 Large Suv+600

2 Year ceramic coating   Car+300 Truck+350 Large Suv+400

2&5 year coatings include free wheel face and windshield coatings

Entry level ceramic+85

Windshield coating+45

​For the customer that wants the best looking vehicle on the block.

Not recommended for daily drivers. This service does remove more clearcoat to get to the bottom of the scratches and defects. Clearcoat is very thin to begin with, it is recommended to add a 2 or 5 year ceramic. This service is ideal for show vehicles, selling your vehicle and having it looking its best or purchasing a vehicle that is not up to your standards.

1-2 day service

If perfection is what you like then this package is for you. We start off by giving your vehicle a foam hand wash then a decontamination wash using Iron X to remove brake dust and iron particles. We compound each and every scratch that can come out. We then step it down with less aggressive pads and polish a few more times until we get to the final stage of jeweling the paint. It is recommended after all this tedious and time consuming work to upgrade to our ceramic coating.Type your paragraph here.

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Exterior Maintenance   Car $200  |Truck/SUV $230|  Large Suv/Van $245


Entry level Ceramic Coating $85

Windshield Coating  $45

1 day service

UThis package adds gloss and protection, however it will not correct defects, scratches or swirl marks. The vehicle is washed then treated with Iron X to remove iron particles and brake dust from the paint. Tires and wheels are cleaned and dressed. door jams are cleaned. The vehicle is topped off with a paint sealant.

One step polish   Car $350 |Truck/Suv $380|   Large Suv/Van  $395


​5 year ceramic coating  car+500 Truck+550 Large SUV+600

2 year ceramic coating  car+300 Truck+350 Large SUV+400

2&5 year coatings include free wheel face and windshield coating

Entry level ceramic coating  +85

Windshield Coating  +45

1 day service

We start off by foaming down the entire vehicle with our special soap to prevent scratches. Then it is hand washed and decontaminated using Iron x to remove iron particles and brake dust, then dried off with air. Now we have a clean slate to start our one step polish from top to bottom and front to back.  After we add luster to your ride we top it off with the protection.

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